Editorial, especially fashion editorial, became almost everyone’s dream profession thanks to productions that marked the era. Glorious loves, cool activities, professional ambitions, ideals… What about Styles? Here are the inspired style codes of editorial women from iconic series and movies we’ve seen on screens!

Miranda Priestly- The Devil Wears Prada

Miranda, the one who can’t give up black magic. Black pants-jacket, suits, dresses are her savior, just like any woman. He creates his own style codes by combining black combinations with colorful and eclectic jewelry.

The first film that comes to mind when it comes to fashion and editing is undoubtedly the Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Miranda Priestly also reinforces her style with her tough and tough boss image. The main part of Miranda Priestly’s style, editor-in-chief of the fictional magazine runway, is design blazer jackets! Pencil skirts and pencil dresses combine with thin black socks and stilettos, bringing Miranda to effortless elegance.

Miranda is inspired by black as well as earth tones. It combines sequined, sequined, animal-patterned preferences with gold jewelry and makes bold choices.

Andrea Sachs- The Devil Wears Prada

In the film, Andrea, who cannot escape Miranda’s wrath, is given life by famous actress Anne Hathaway. Andrea, who has come quite far with her style, which is not considered to fit the industry at all in the first place, turns into a completely different young woman in the later minutes of the film. Her increasing self-confidence with his career success is reflected in her combinations.

When Miranda becomes your idol, her black passion is inevitable. Andrea often features black in her combinations. Black classic dresses, jackets, skirts meet much more modern forms in Andrea’s style.

Andrea often resorts to colors with the energy that her youth also gives. By complementing different patterns with one-tone pieces, it achieves ambitious and stylish looks. Gloves, colorful coats, helmet hats and stilettos are among the key pieces of her style.

Brown and Yesil shades are quite redeeming for Andrea, too. It features nostalgic textures such as polka dot, plaid, goose foot pattern in its combinations. Among her favorite accessories are belts. She likes to accentuate her silhouette with the thick belts she uses around her waist.

Another favorite accessory of Andrea’s is jewelry. She is a unique savior, especially in the style of necklaces that he uses in multiple ways, and Andrea thus makes her signature. Andrea, who also doesn’t shy away from changing her hairstyles, gives the final touch to her beauty look with red lipstick.

Jenna Rink- 13 Going on 30

If you suddenly found yourself 30 when you were 13, What Would your style be? And also notice that you are an editor at your favorite fashion magazine, poison? Jenna, whom Jennifer Garner gave life to, can’t give up a colorful style in her 30s either. From pieces that find a place in the style of colorful geometric patterns, floral bustiesand dresses. Romantic and colorful necklaces are sometimes replaced by Pearl nobility. Baguette bags, different buckles and headbands are accessories that he uses as a complement to her style.

She also likes to give colorful touches to her editorial identity in her business style. And brave enough to complement her leather jackets with futuristic hairstyles! In the Home Style, Colorful cardigans, sleeping bands and satin Nightgowns are a favorite.

Andie Anderson- How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie, played by Kate Hudson, doesn’t give up Strong shirts and pencil skirts in office style. In her everyday style, she makes choices that are much more comfortable and contain patterns. It is impossible to forget her iconic yellow dress, necklace and hair/ makeup look!

Rebecca Bloomwood- Confessions of a Shopaholic

Another journalist is Rebecca, whom Isla Fisher gave life to. She’s a shopping addict who likes to attract attention with her crazy and colorful style! Fur jackets, gloves, scarves, stilettos and bags are the pieces that steal your heart.

Wilhelmina Slater- Ugly Betty

Vanessa Williams added all the feminine spirit the Wilhelmina character filled the eye with her ambitious and bold combinations. Reds, jacquard fabrics, stones and glitter were among Wilhelmina’s favorites.

Wilhelmina liked to show off her hourglass body with belt or belt details that she used around her waist. At the beginning of the accessories that she could not give up in her style were watches and handcuff bracelets.

Let’s remind you that Wilhelmina’s favorite cleavage is her cleavage. From time to time, she preferred makeup in dark shades and from time to time, beauty looks in nude shades.